charcoll friends & lovers

E.K. Buckley

e.k. buckley - experimental painter.
painting featured to the right - NUDE in RED FIELD
her blog
link to myspace page for ekb
zsofia otvos - chicago (hungarian) figurative painter & director for charcoll
clara batton smith - chicago (nee florida) figurative collage, fond of whores & bible passages, also director for charcoll
melissa kolbusz aka [wired] - installation & accessory design rewired from surplus industrial materials, director for charcoll
flynn - pilsen based photographer & estrojam organizer, regular charcoll exhibitor & event photographer
david moskow - chicago painter, printmaker, lover and rabid motley crew fanatic
lara rivera - just in from south africa and starting to show in the states

califone - chicago/l.a. band
brooklynvegan blog - good tips for shows in nyc
art-pilsen - miguel cortez runs online coverage of our neighborhood
the dallas cowboy cheerleader string band - local old timey witches with banjos, fiddle, a guitar and four part harmony.
polvo gallery - run collectively by pilsen artists since 1996
double door - wicker park music venue
hideout - local stronghold for various musical acts, focus on insurgent country
bible of the devil - a local rock army of dualing guitar evil
hard boiled - very independant music & video shop in west roscoe village.
reckless records - good used selection & a plethora of posters for upcoming
weathermaker - silkscreening myspace link
bongo room - pancakes. mmmm.
music box theatre - independant film & festivals
theatre oobleck - theater group which has no artistic director. and great writers.
annoyance theater - now with a home, chicago landmark of blackhearted improv & sketch.
breakbone dance co - punk aesthetic ballet form meets aggroslam. emphasis on mixed media events.
estrojam - gotta love girl on girl anything. especially music.
sarah beckstrom - photography & most recently, music & shadows
ned broderick - painter and founding artist for the national viet nam veterans' museum in chicago
david decastro - non-objective painter, sculpter and actor
chris cox - urban landscape painter
larry bonn phoenix - hypnopompic and hypnogogic imagery
boingboing - a directory of wonderful things - run by chicago local in the art scene with current listings of openings
truthout - underreported news
bruce schneier - on security
project for an old american century - politico site with a great rss for underreported news
loosechange - a 9/11 investigation by two guys from a town in upstate NY an octopus online news magazine