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2008 schedule, New York

BWAC Brooklyn Waterfront Artists' Coalition

Weekends 1-6 PM - Free Admission
May 10 - Jun 15 Pier - Spring Ahead - Red Hook Pier
Jun 26 - Aug 17 Summer Show - Red Hook Pier
Sep 27 - Oct 26 Group Art Show - Free Fall - Red Hook Pier

More 2008 show dates TBD, and many more previous shows to be listed soon.....

Gallery of Forking Paths
October 12 - November 26th
Mode Gallery, 818 W 18th St., Chicago
Charcoll group show for Chicago Office of Cultural Affai

Pilsen Art Walk (2001-07)
Annual exhibitor at a number of Pilsen galleries and my own, including Unit B gallery, Drivethru Studios, CHARCOLL Warehouse project, CHARCOLL Pilsen Studio and the curator's show through the Chicago Arts District.

Solo Exhibit
July 13th through August 10th
Mode Gallery
818 W. Halsted

1998 - 06 show listings being updated

Crow and the Tree Alphabet Solo Show
Parts Unknown Gallery
July 9th through August 10th, 2005

The Warehouse Project

DEC 03 - NOV 04

A series of monthly Chicago Artists’ Collective (CHARCOLL) exhibitions designed with the Chicago Arts District to draw more attention to the ongoing Pilsen Second Friday Openings. Each month consisted of a show title, theme and all new work from myself and each of the twenty some rotating exhibitors who comprised the artists’ collective for this project. The originality and quality of the work caught the attention of the RED EYE and RED STREAK precipitating an immediate attendance spike with consistent growth through the year. Ongoing local media coverage lead to major press exposure including CLTV, WGN Radio and the Gallery cover feature “The Faces of God” in the Chicago Tribune.

October 04 - The Death Show
Regarded as the best of our series of increasingly impressive new works openings for Charcoll, and the closing of the year long collective project with record attendance.

Sept 04 - Harvest Retrospective
Part of the Cultural Affairs Department’s annual Chicago Artists’ Month and the Chicago Arts District’s 34th Annual Artists’ Open Studios.

Aug 04 - Carnival
RED STREAK features Charcoll’s warehouse project, listings monthly since March in both RED EYE and RED STREAK as recommended art openings.

July 04 - Fish, Flesh, Fowl
Charcoll Artists exclusively interviewed for feature article in the Friday Gallery Section of the Chicago Tribune regarding show’s theme and artists varied interpretations of god.

June 04 - Blue
CLTV News airs a segment about Charcoll’s growing local presence.

May 04 - Devil
Tarot Card Series travels with Unit B (Gallery) to concurrent Stray Show by Tom Blackman, WHERE Magazine uses “Radio Tower”, oil on canvas 2001 (e.k.buckley), as only image to represent the art of the Stray Show.

April 04 - Fool
The Tarot Card Series debuts, a 72 plate mixed media version of the traditional divination tool, RED EYE recommends Charcoll’s Second Friday’s for outings featuring images from the warehouse and interviews with charcoll artists as the center spread.

March 04 - Fire
Local fire chief attended his first art exhibit, REDEYE & RED STREAK listings begin.

Feb 04 - Love Loves to Love Love
Featured in Chicago’s RED EYE for “Things To Do” in Chicago resulting in record crowds by hundreds for the ongoing Pilsen Second Friday openings.

Dec 03 - Jan 04 - Winter Festival of Art
First Warehouse Exhibit Featuring Exclusively Charcoll Artists, strength of artwork & professionalism of the management result in Chicago Arts District accepting Charcoll’s proposal to exhibit with exclusive curation through November 04.

Scribbles Scrawlings Sketches and Such, II
Unit B (Gallery) May 04: exhibiting artist

Stray Show
Unit B (Gallery) May 04: exhibiting artist. “Tarot Card Series”, featured image for Stray Show in WHERE Magazine

Winter Around the Coyote
Feb 04: curator, exhibitor and project manager

2000 - 03
Dead Show

Drive Thru Studios, Dec 03: exhibiting artist, featured on postcard

33rd Annual Artists’ Open Studios (Pilsen) Oct 03, part of the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Chicago Artists’ Month: Curator, Exhibitor for “Alternative Space” exhibition, CHARCOLL group show with performance.

“La Belle Dame Sans Merci”, Unit B (Gallery) July 11 - Aug 2, 03: exhibiting artist, solo painting and drawing exhibit.

“PER SECOND PER SECOND”, Lessedra Gallery - Sofia, Bulgaria, Summer 03: exhibiting artist, original artwork for poster design for Drive Thru Studios traveling group show of emerging Chicago artists.

Around the Coyote, gallery operator, exhibiting artist & curator at Flat Iron Studio 339 Fall 2000, Winter & Fall 2001, Winter & Fall 2002, and at other Flat Iron spaces for Winter & Fall 2003, Winter 2004.

Informal Reclamation
E.K. Buckley shows new work at her Pilsen Studio along with Collectivists David Moskow, Dave Pearson, JoJo Baby & Sarah

Winter Arts Festival, 2003
Dec 11,12 5-8p 13,14 10-6p
E.K. Buckley to show new work at the Pilsen Winter Arts Festival in the show space at 2001 S. Halsted Street along with Collectivists David Moskow, Dave Pearson, JoJo Baby & Sarah Beckstrom.

Dec 11,12 5-8p 13,14 10-6p

Visual artists' depict the final resting place of their own demise in paintings and installations at DriveThru Studio, 626 W. 18TH ST. CHICAGO IL 60616 // 312.243.7901

If you are interested in viewing buckley's work, please contact the artist.



chorus, 2003
oil on canvas
sold at one of the
Pilsen Art Walks